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Helle Knives Didi Galgalu


Helle Knives Didi Galgalu


Didi Galgalu
The Didi Galgalu utilizes a strong, full tang construction.
Three rivets reinforce the African Kiaat wood
handle and the blade is thin enough to perform as
a knife should when cutting or carving. The Scandinavian
ground blade, genuine leather sheath and
Kiaat-wood handle assure Helle’s renowned rugged

Product Specifications:

Blade 12C27 Sandvik

Blade length..129mm/thickness..3mm

Handle..African Klatt and Vulcanfibre

Handle length..120mm



on the hunt for adventure and inspiration, the
Helle design team traveled along the Great Rift
Valley with the legendary Voetspore team.
The ensuing journey would shape the newest Helle
knife – the Didi Galgalu – and cement the bond
between designing knives for the outdoors, created
in the outdoors.
In April 2014 Helle traveled to Africa meeting with
the Voetspore, an adventure documentary team who
have travelled more than 220,000 kilometers on the
African continent, making them overland experts
in their own right. With the rigors of daily life on
overland expeditions in mind, the team identified
initial concepts and designs to prototype at the Helle
factory in Norway.
Not one to create from the sidelines, the Helle team
returned to Africa the following October and joined
the Voetspore team on part of their 2014 Great Rift
Valley Expedition. “True inspiration comes from real
journeys with people who know and understand
the hardships nature can throw at you,” says Anders
Haglund, Director of Sales and Marketing for Helle
Knives, and team member for part of the 2014 Great
Rift Valley Expedition.
During the expedition each member of the team was
given a prototype knife to hand-sand and shape,
fine-tuning the design’s functionality. The 16,000 km
trip would take the team through what is considered
the last frontier of Africa, the remote Didi Galgalu
Desert in Northern Kenya. “The goal was to create
a knife that matches the beauty, but also meets the
demands of the unforgiving nature of the desert it
was named for,” adds Johan Badenhorst, Voetspore
expedition leader for the Great Rift Valley Expedition.
At the end of the expedition, the hand-shaped
prototypes returned to the Helle factory, where the
design team poured over the variations created during
the journey. Natural materials like African Kiaat
wood were hand selected and paired with the new
designs. The final result is the Helle Didi Galgalu, a
one-of-a-kind knife made for a lifetime of adventure.


No warranty on the sheath


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Helle Knives Didi Galgalu

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Helle Knives Didi Galgalu $263.25 Canadian Flag

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