Hultafors Hultan Hatchet


Hultafors Hultan Hatchet
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Hults Bruks Hultan Hatchet


A Bushcraft Axe par excellence, one of the very best. The balance of this axe is superb and its materials and time tested design speak for itself.


15in overall length and a 1LB classic cutting head, deep grind make this a great cutter and the Swedish High Carbon Steel is tough and takes a great edge.

Heartwood or Heart/Sapwood Hickory shaft is strong and durable and the head is fixed with a wood and metal wedge. Really superb Axe, highly recommended.

OAL 15in

Head 1lb , Cutting edge 2 3/4in.

Comes with a leather head cover

Made in Sweden.

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Hultafors Hultan Hatchet
Hultafors Hultan Hatchet