SWAZI Bush Pants


SWAZI Bush Pants
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SWAZI Bush Pants


Great Fleece Pants from SWAZI of New Zealand! ..the Kiwi's have worn them over there for years, and now you can too!


These Bush pants are a legend, Comfortable, Hard Wearing, Breathable. They dry quickly and are silent when stalking, and have great freedom of movement... not exactly High Fashion, but  you can't have everythng!


They are a proper 280g Polar Fleece (not a cheap Fleece that you see in Box Stores..) and have excellent thermal propertys as well as being breathable.

Waist is elastic with a Snap Belt and the Leg Bottoms are elastic to stop stuff getting up yer leg!


Colour is Olive.




More sizes to follow..

SWAZI Bush Pants
SWAZI Pants Belt