SWAZI Ali Gaitors


SWAZI Ali Gaitors
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Swazi Ali-Gaitors

Quality set of Gaitors from Swazi NZ. As you'd expect from Swazi, they have put a lot of time and effort in to these and the result is a very comfortable and tough Gaitor thats great for year round protection, not just when the Snow flies.

The Stretch Poly is comfortable and with the Kevlar addition, makes it extremely tough, the full length zip makes putting them on/off a breeze and the front lace loop (metal) and the Cable ties for the your boot (again metal and with metal D rings attached to the Gaitor) keep the Gaitor in place.


Made in New Zealand!



 The SWAZI® Ali-Gaiters® are snug fitting, so you actually cut through the snow. At the end of the day that makes a huge difference to your level of fatigue. As your calf muscles expand and contract so too does the Kevlar® impregnated stretch polyester of the gaiter. You won’t even notice you’re wearing gaiters! We’ve made our boot ties from steel cable – so no more broken gaiter ties after one trip! Ali-gaiters® dry extremely quickly and roll up to a small ball the size of your fist.


NO - They are NOT snake proof      

The measurements of the Ali-gaiters are:    

Large – width 39cm and length 38cm    

Medium – width 37cm and length 37cm 

SWAZI Ali Gaitors