SWAZI Ranger Sock


SWAZI Ranger Sock
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SWAZI Ranger Sock.


Extremely comfortable General Purpose Outdoor Sock from SWAZI New Zealand.

Excellent quality and design and a great mix of good old NZ wool and high tech Nuyarn.



The Ranger delivers the very best in an outdoor hunting/hiking sock – with less bulk! A mix of strong wool and merino. Light, warm and incredibly comfortable. Dries quickly and adds protection + comfort to whatever the planet throws your way.


Composition: 56% NuYarn® Merino, 13% Nylon, 16% Lycra® & 15% Spandex

Made in New Zealand.


Ranger socks feature NuYarn® technology, outperforming nearly all other merino gear.


NuYarn® features:

SWAZI Ranger Sock