Brisa Skinner 90 Elmax Blade Blank


Brisa Skinner 90 Elmax Blade Blank
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Enzo Skinner 90 Elmax

Brisa (enzo) Skinner 90 Elmax  is a stainless powder steel knife blade, especially designed for hunters, fishers and bushcrafters. The blade is extra wide and the handle is extra long to give a secure cutting experience. 

Elmax is a superior stainless powder steel that is known for it excellent characteristics which include, edge retention, corrision resistency and sharpness.

Blade length: 85 mm

Blade width:31 mm

Blade thickness:3,5 mm

Total: 200 mm

Steel: Elmax



No sheath or handle with this, just the blank.

Brisa Skinner 90 Elmax Blade Blank