Casstrom SFK No10 14C28N Curly Birch KIT


Casstrom SFK No10 14C28N Curly Birch KIT
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Casstrom Swedish Forest Knife No10 14C28N Steel KIT


This is the Kit form of the SFK, comes with Blade, Curly Birch blanks and x3 Corby Rivets, all you need to make your own Knife!


The knife that made the name! Casstrom's famous 'No10 Forest Knife' the knife that has become so popular among Bushcrafter's and Outdoorsman that its a legend in its own lifetime!


A superb ergononic design allows for pressure to be evenly and comfortably exerted in a variety of grips, the arched handle sitting neatly into the palm and the sculptured slabs allowing for finger manipulation and a solid grip. Its a great knife to use, a real practical Forest Knife in every sense.


The 14C28N is a great Swedish Stainless Steel, tough, yet fine edged. Scandi ground for ease of sharpening and with a classic 'Bushcraft' blade profile.


All in all a great Knife and just as at home in the Great Forests of Canada, than of Sweden!

**Does not come with a Sheath**


Kit consists of..

Blade Blank

x2 Curly Birch Slabs

X3 Corby Rivets (brass)

OAL..8 3/4in

Blade 4mm thick Stainless Steel and 4in long



Casstrom SFK No10 14C28N Curly Birch KIT