The Woodsman Combo (Axe, Knife & Saw)


The Woodsman Combo (Axe, Knife & Saw)
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X1 Hults Bruks Hultan Hatchet


A Bushcraft Axe par excellence, one of the very best. The balance of this axe is superb and its materials and time tested design speak for itself.


15in overall length and a 1LB classic cutting head, deep grind make this a great cutter and the Swedish High Carbon Steel is tough and takes a great edge.

Heartwood or Heart/Sapwood Hickory shaft is strong and durable and the head is fixed with a wood and metal wedge. Really superb Axe, highly recommended.

OAL 15in

Head 1lb , Cutting edge 2 3/4in.

Comes with a leather head cover

Made in Sweden.


X1 Fallkniven F1 VG10W Wolfram.


Fallkniven's  F1 Knife given a Steel makeover~the timeless classic of Bushcraft knives, the F1 now has the new laminated VG10Wolfram Steel.


8 years to design and perfect, the F1 is one of the Best Bushcraft or Survival knives ever made, a simple, elegant and practical design that was a hit from its first inception and has spawned a multitude of variations (and lets be honest, imitations too!)


The new version has the VG10W edge wrapped in a 420J2 Stainless steel jacket, giving you the best of both worlds, a keen and tough VG10W edge with superb stainless quality's.


Full Convex Grind makes for a great Wood Cutter, the wrap around handle gives a sure grip and the extended tang enormous Strength. It has everything you need, with no frills, not a particle of the knife is un-necessary.

A new Classic. The Fallkniven lam VG10W.

OAL 8.25in

Blade 4in (97mm)

Blade thickness 4.5mm

Comes with a choice of Leather or Zytel Sheaths.


X1 Silky Pocket Boy 130

I have used one of these for 6yrs and feel so  familiar with it that I'm very happy to whole heartily recommend it as an essential bit of kit. The folding saws are highly effective. These Silkys are the best made, best designed and the blades are superb, these are nothing like the cheap large tooth saws, but are high quality steel combined with cutting edge design and they will last a long time and cut you alot of wood, hard dry and green. Superb tool. Folded up they go neatly into any backpack or daypack and are easily and quickly deployed.

Spare blades are here

Dimensions are...

6.5 in folded, blade 130mm


X1 Fallkniven DC4 sharpener.

These are unquestionably the best sharpeners on the market, well made, field expedient and,well, good at sharpening knives. Highly recommended, these sharpeners are sold all over the world. If you buy a knife I strongly advise you buy a DC3 or DC4 to go with it. One side of the stone is diamond whetstone (25u) and the other side is a fine ceramic whetstone. Restore the profile with the diamond side and then polished to a razor edge with the ceramic. Both stones are sold with a leather pouch

 DC4 is 32mm by 100mm. ( 1 1/4in x 4in)


X1 Mora of Sweden the Army sized Firesteel.

Swedish made ARMY sized firesteel for your survival pack, sheath or just to keep on your person. The strike bar is  5/16th thick and 2 1/2inches long. Great for fire starting in all conditions, wet, cold it will reliably send a shower of sparks to you tinder. Don't go in the hills and forest without one!

Bar length..2.5inches

Overall length 4inches (in handle)

Made in Sweden

Custom Pouch is HERE






The Woodsman Combo (Axe, Knife & Saw)