SWAZI Mackenzie Tussock


SWAZI Mackenzie Tussock
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SWAZI Mackenzie


Made in New Zealand!


New out from SWAZI New Zealand, these are the excellent Mackenzie Wool Jersey. Really nice quality piece these, great for Fall or Winter in Canada! Excellent Outer or Mid layer with very high end insulative quality's.


Colour is Tussock.


Made in New Zealand the Swazi Cairnsman woolen jersey is a classic return to an era of natural yarns, enduring design and traditional craftmanship.  

This two-layered hooded jersey has a 100% New Zealand wool outer, while the inner is a mix of New Zealand wool, possum and nylon.

The leather level represents both the quality of New Zealand wool and the high standard of craft that have been merged into making The Mackenzie such an iconic work jersey.

Outer 100% Pure Wool  /  Inner 50% wool, 25% nylon, 25% possum.


SWAZI Mackenzie Tussock