Agdor Felling Axe 5lb 32"


Agdor Felling Axe 5lb 32"
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Agdor Felling Axe 5lb 32"


The Agdor 32 Yankee is a large felling axe based on professional felling axes made popular during the 19th-century American forestry industry boom. A curved 32-inch American hickory handle allows for powerful swings & the 5 pound Yankee pattern axe head packs a punch! The face is hammered to create a denser, tougher steel!


Painted Agdor blue and expertly hand forged from premium Swedish steel this axe is sharpened and ready to use out of the box. The steel is very tough and the Forge has been going since 1697! A very old and traditional company and this axe is a modern example of that longstanding history! A solid axe that if taken care of will serve you for decades!


As with all Agdor Axes this one comes with a quality hickory handle! Hickory is one of the best materials for axe handles as it has exceptional strength, suited very well for tools of all kinds! The great thing about a hickory handle is it can be replaced quite easily and replacement handles are commonplace!


The Agdor range of axes was inspired by the old north American axe patterns when back in the day axes were a much more important tool for the logging industry! Agdor became the most popular choice for lumberjacks worldwide. Known for there exceptional quality and durability these were the go to axes back then and still are today! They were the most sought after and distinguished brand! Definitely a piece of history you can hold and enjoy using!



OAL: 32"

Head Weight: 5lbs

Cutting Edge: 5"

Note: (All Hults Bruk axes are hand forged, so there may be slight variations from axe to axe)

This particular axe does NOT come with a head cover



Agdor Felling Axe 5lb 32"
Agdor 5lb Felling Axe